Diagnostic Assessment
Why is it important? An assessment can determine strengths and weaknesses with your child's reading and learning processes. It is critical to then strengthen the processing area(s) that he/she didn't master earlier. Based on the results, the number of hours for intervention will be recommended. The testing is usually done in one day.

Parent Consultation
Results and recommendations will be reviewed from the assessment.The consultation can be scheduled with his/her school's administrators. All results are confidential unless specified.

One-to-one sessions are either 45 or 55 minutes in length. Intervention will take place in school or in a professional setting. A specific plan of action will be developed and implemented child-by-child.

Progress Reports
Updates will be provided to inform parents on his/her child's progress. These updated begin after the first 20 hours of sessions.

Classroom Support
Consultations with the classroom teacher/s are optional. It is usually beneficial to have all parties communicating while the student is receiving intervention.

Parent Training
Services are available in a small group or on an individual basis. These trainings are help parents better understand the reading process.

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