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Success starts with reading.

Learning problems are often the result of one or more underdeveloped learning processes. The services that are provided specialize in teaching the learning processes that are fundamental to all learning.

What separates Lifelong Learners approach from traditional "tutoring" programs is that it determines and addresses the underdeveloped brain processes that caused the learning difficulty.

The program offers a commitment of helping children and adults achieve their learning potential... which in turn enables them to achieve the academic grades and career success which reflect their true potential.

Now also serving Louisville, Lexington, Bardstown Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio.

Lynn Schaftlein reading specialist, tutor, learning disabilities
Lynn Schaftlein
received her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from the University of Louisville. For the past twenty years, she has worked with individuals who have learning disabilities. Lynn has also taught first and second grade in a parochial school for five years.

A significant portion of the population has a difficult time learning to read. These reading difficulties often lead to global learning problems as schoolwork becomes more complex.

Many children who fall behind in school are simply missing the key fundamental skill that others seem to have naturally. Therefore, early detection and intervention are paramount.

Lynn utilizes the most effective, research-based approaches, available.

Once the cognitive processes are addressed individuals are then able to learn on their own with the confidence they may have never before experienced.


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